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Software Industry Financing Solutions

Experience the Tandem Difference

Tandem Finance offers your customers up to $250,000 in Software equipment funding. This helps your customers conserve their capital, keeping it free for business expenses and investing in other ventures that can bring in profits and higher returns on investment. Partnering with us helps you acquire the industry-specific software your customers need to up their game and take their business to the next level. We finance industry-specific software like Electronic Record Management (ERM), architectural software (e.g., CAD), product information management software (PIM), SASS, SAP, BMC, etc.

  • Up to $250,000 financing for both new and used equipment

  • Soft credit check, diminishing the impact on your FICO score

  • 24 - 36 months financing options

  • Funding in as little as 4 hours

  • Convenient electronic closing documents

  • Flexible lease terms and payment options

  • Professional and consistent customer service

  • Maximize Section 179 Tax deduction

  • Same day funding

  • Wide credit appetite to consider all business profiles, including start-ups

Tandem Finance is a market leader in providing small and medium businesses with the financing and leasing solutions they need to take their business to the next level. We have years of experience providing small and medium enterprises with software equipment finance solutions. Our expertise allows us to offer your customers customizable finance terms and leases that best suit their business. The solutions we have offer the ability to get the software needed with repayment options and affordable terms.