Bardwell accepts VP promotion and continues to shape Transportation & Construction

August 20, 2021

Fort Collins, COLO. – Mike Bardwell has recently been promoted to Vice President and General Manager of the Transportation & Construction segments within Tandem Finance. Mike has been instrumental in forming, developing and ongoing growth and refinement of Tandem Finance’s activity in the marketplace’s commercial vehicle and constructions segments.

Bardwell arrived at Tandem in November of 2020 with just one Sales Manager working Transportation. Mike Sheehan, President of Tandem Finance said, “Mike joined us and brought his significant experience in developing de novo sales, credit and operations in prominent industry competitors, including Engs & Element (now PNC Bank) and brought his fiery passion for the space and knowledge of how to compete and win with a non-commoditized marketing strategy. In partnering exceptionally well with our Credit and VSR leadership members, he has collaboratively developed segment-specific underwriting and processes that allow Tandem to be highly effective in the targeted markets.” To date, Bardwell has recruited and built a strong team of twelve experienced industry professionals.

Sheehan continued by saying, “This promotion of Mike to Vice President reflects our respect and appreciation for the efforts that he has extended to this point and the execution of a long-term strategy to position Tandem Finance as a trusted and reliable partner within the T&C verticals.”

Tandem Finance Inc. provides equipment financing to SMBs in the U.S. through the equipment vendor channel. Tandem Finance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chesswood Group Limited. Chesswood Group Limited, publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: CHW), is a financial services company operating in the specialty finance industry in North America.

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