J-Lobo Transportation LLC

J-Lobo Transportation LLC

Transportation & APU Industry

Las Vegas


Customer: Jennifer from J-Lobo Transportation LLC
Dealer: Central Valley Trailer Repair, Inc. http://www.cvtr.com 
Sales Manager: Greg Clemens
Term: 36-months
Equipment: 2010 Great Dane Thermo King Reefer
Loan Amount: $22,885 (100% Prefund)

Jennifer was very concerned about the 7-hour trek from Las Vegas to Fresno and back to complete her equipment loan after making the same trip to inspect the equipment.

Greg helped Jennifer by walking her through the easy steps to complete her purchase.

I’m living in Las Vegas and was stressed about how I’m supposed to drive around 7 hours up to Fresno and get all the paperwork done with the lender, having already went up there to checkout my equipment. It was inconvenient and tiresome. When l spoke to Greg, he explained the steps needed and even gave me the option of DocuSign which saved me the drive and stress. Everything went so smooth I’ve honestly never had such a quick and easy transaction when buying a big purchase! Thank you, Greg, you are the best and I hope to be doing business with you again! Definitely recommend this company!

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